History of Establishment

The Mangkubumi Environmental Education Center or called PPLH Mangkubumi is an environmental organization, which is independent and non-profit and does not have any affiliation with political parties. PPLH Mangkubumi is a forum for civil society groups consisting of non-governmental organizations, nature lovers groups and non-governmental organizations which was established in Tulungagung Regency, East Java Province on August 8, 2006 as a reaction and concern over the decreasing environmental carrying capacity of natural resource management: forests. , water, rivers and sources of life, as a result of a development paradigm and process that does not side with sustainability and neglects the environment. PPLH Mangkubumi is aware that the tendency of environmental damage is getting more massive and complex both in rural and urban areas. Deteriorating environmental conditions are openly recognized as affecting the socio-political and social dynamics of the economic community at the community, regional and national levels.
In turn, the environmental crisis directly threatens security and increases the vulnerability of every citizen's life. Environmental damage has been present in our homes, such as water and air pollution, floods and droughts, as well as increasingly expensive energy. Who is responsible for environmental damage is increasingly difficult to ascertain because the causes themselves are intertwined both between sectors, between actors, between institutions, between regions and even between countries. To ensure the sustainability of the lives of future generations, a strong and widespread social movement is needed. Future generations have the right to a good and healthy environment. For this reason, the current generation is responsible for maintaining and improving the quality of a better environment.

What We Do?

The formation of PPLH Mangkubumi is a form of commitment to actively contribute in promoting good governance by ensuring the fulfillment of people's rights to a just, sustainable and sustainable source of life. We play an active role in monitoring, mentoring, and encouraging policy improvements in the use of natural resources and the environment, by advocating towards justice and the sustainable use of natural resources in Indonesia.

Our Mission

PPLH Mangkubumi believes that the right to a healthy and proper environment is a human right
PPLH Mangkubumi upholds gender justice, the rights of marginalized communities and the rights of living creatures.
PPLH Mangkubumi believes that the environmental movement must develop into a social movement that prioritizes solidarity, creative and non-violent confrontational actions
PPLH Mangkubumi believes that a democratic, open, responsible and professional organization will be able to protect community rights and environmental sustainability.

Our Vision

PPLH Mangkubumi’s vision is the realization of a just and democratic social, economic and political order that can guarantee people’s rights to the sources of life and the environment that is sustainable and healthy.

Institutional Structure

The legality of PPLH Mangkubumi is in the form of an Association, which is led by an Executive Director and supervised by 4 Association Supervisory Boards. In carrying out organizational activities assisted by the Program Deputy, Internal Deputy, Finance Staff, Research and Data Base Staff, Campaign Media, Community Organizer Staff and GIS Staff.
The Supervisory Board has the duty and responsibility to supervise the Executive Director in running the organization and the implementation of the organization's mandates based on the results of the Management's and Members' Annual Meeting, especially with regard to the Organization's Statutes, Work Programs and PPLH Mangkubumi work ethics.

Our Team


Muhammad Ichwan

Executive Director


Agus Budi Purwanto

Program Deputy


Munif Rodaim

Internal Deputy


Nur Azizah

Finance Manager


Adimas Asy’Ari

Media Campaign


Lina Indriani

GIS, Research and Database


Herson Leani

Community Organizer


Muhaimin Al-Haddad

Community Organizer


Reyasi Etika

Community Organizer